Will All Football Games be Played With Empty Stadiums Going Forward?

Football is one of the world’s most popular games with approximately half the entire population having an interest in it and a fifth of people playing, either professionally or for fun. Football is a fantastic sport to play but most people are more interested in watching their favorite team play than actually competing themselves. Manchester United is the football team with the most fans in the world, they have millions of supporters and they have sold the most football shirts out of any other club. The reason so many people who don’t play football enjoy watching it so much is thanks to the incredible atmosphere in the stadiums. Watching your team play football is one of the best experiences as the crowds are extremely enthusiastic, it feels wholesome knowing everyone there shares one common love, and joining in your team’s chant is a feeling like no other. The news that football has to be played with empty stadiums going forward was devastating for thousands, if not millions of people worldwide, we’ve tried to find out if all football games will be played in this environment going forward.


Coronavirus Pandemic

The response many countries had to the outbreak of the coronavirus was to impose lockdowns restricting people’s movement and focusing on ensuring people are staying 2 meters away from each other to try and prevent further spread of the virus. These new rules had a massive impact on the sports industry and football teams. Fans are no longer allowed to go and watch their favorite team play, this does also affect the performance of the teams as it’s harder to find motivation in an empty stadium when the players are used to their fans cheering them on. Many loyal fans buy season tickets to make sure they never miss a game, especially as football games that are streamed are only available on certain services. If you’re unable to watch your favorite team play but want to make sure you stay in the loop you can check live scores on this website, there are also usually live updates on social media such as Twitter. Whilst the coronavirus is still a threat it is unlikely that fans will be allowed back to football games anytime soon. Stadiums are very large and hold so many people that re-opening them would be against most government advice and in many places, it is actually illegal for fans to sit and watch.



When the coronavirus pandemic is under control or a vaccine is found to eradicate it, social events will be able to return to normal. Football games are a huge part of the lives of many people, both fans and players prefer full stadiums so eventually you will be able to watch your favorite team play. The NFL makes over $50 million every year, something so successful with such a huge demand will definitely return when it is safe to do so.