Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Sporty Friends Laugh

Sporty friends are among the busy people who spend much time exercising in the field and at the gym. If you have a sporty friend, you might have noticed how rarely they laugh when you spend time together. However, everyone dreams of making their buddies laugh to share a fascinating experience.

Since laughter is the best mood and medicine globally, I will share guaranteed ways to make your sporty friend laugh in this discussion. Keep reading!


I live in an apartment complex that is full of sporty people. They love going out to the field running, and they also play a lot of squash every week. Also, some like watching sports and bragging about their achievements during conversations. It’s great to be friends with them; I have learned guaranteed ways to make them laugh even when tired. Let’s see these guaranteed ways:

Tell Them Jokes

Sporty guys love trending jokes of the days. For example, getting the newest Chuck Norris jokes on the web offers me an easy way to make my sporty friends laugh. I believe these jokes work well with my sporty buddies since they love hearing something they have not heard before.

The jokes are based on actual facts and true stories that everyone enjoys even when tired. I am a witness, I share these jokes with my sporty friends, and they laugh; every time they see me around, they ask me for the newest jokes.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Their Sport

If you’re friends who met through your mutual love for a sport, don’t be afraid to talk about it! It may not always be the first place you want to go in conversation if you’re around other people, but if you’re hanging out one-on-one, talking about how fun that last game was or what a great play that person made will always get them to go laughing.

Make Fun Of Their Opponents

Anyone can make fun of their friends, but heckling an opponent takes it to a new level. It’s like being a comedian, except the jokes are way better than anything you could come up with on your own.

The best part is that you don’t have to say much. Your friend will be so excited that someone else is taking the heat for a change; they’ll think everything you say is hilarious. However, you need to be careful when heckling an opponent; always ensure they are not present and be careful not to be sensitive.

Ask Them To Show You Their Moves

If you’re a sports fan, you likely know someone who loves to work out. You could ask them to show you the moves. Better yet, invite them to work out with you. But whatever it is that gets the two of you in the same room together will make sporty friends laugh.

For example, if your friend is a runner and you’re a cyclist, invite them out for a run-bike-run night. At some point during the run, bring up your mutual interest in cycling and offer to take your friend for a spin around the block on your bike. If they don’t know how to ride, be sure to get them on their way carefully before coming back with questions they can’t answer.

Make Funny Jokes About The Game

Sports are deeply ingrained in our culture, so there are plenty of jokes based on them or use them as a punchline. You can find these jokes online or in in-joke books. Be careful when sharing these jokes; some of them might not be appropriate for kids, and some may be offensive to women and minorities.

Play Harmless Pranks

Your sporty friends like to have fun and can also appreciate a good prank. When you see a situation with potential, take it and make it work for you. You don’t want to do anything harmful or could put someone in danger, but if you can give them a good scare or catch them off guard, they will likely laugh at your pranks.

Make Your Sporty Friends Laugh!

Making your sporty friends laugh is a simple task. You only need to share jokes, play pranks, ask them to show you their moves, and make fun of their opponent. Notably, do not be afraid to ask about their sport. That’s all it entails making your sporty friend laugh. You can now thrill your sporty friends!