The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Every single person has at some point in their lives asked themselves if they should get a personal trainer. Whether you’ve never exercised before in your life the question pops into your head after eating unhealthy, or if you’re a beginner at the gym and feel lost, or even if you’re a regular gym-goer you’ve thought about if a personal trainer would help you achieve your goals faster. Before you consider a personal trainer and start looking for one to hire you should decide what it is that you want a personal trainer for.

You should know exactly what your goals are, how much time a week you have to dedicate towards exercise and gym sessions, you should know your budget so you don’t waste their time if you can’t afford their services. You should also consider why you need a trainer, what is it you can’t do for yourself and what you expect them to do to fill this gap to make sure they’re suitable for your needs. It’s worth spending time looking for a trainer that you click well with, I spent a long time looking for a personal trainer that met all my needs and I found this personal trainer in Moorgate after weeks of looking who was perfect, so it’s worth waiting. To help you make your decision about if you need a personal trainer or not we’re going to discuss some of the main pros and cons.



Personal trainers are a fantastic investment in many scenarios there is no denying that. Most people don’t have the time in their life to do research around exercise and healthy eating, they may just have the time to actually exercise. If this is the case they may have been exercising for a long time and not seeing any change, in looks or performance.

This is where a personal trainer is perfect as you already know the dedication to exercise is there and they’ll do all the hard work for you so you’ll start to see results in no time. A personal trainer will watch you exercise to make sure your form is correct and that you’re working as hard as you can, they also provide accountability so if you know you’ll take a day off because no one looking then a personal trainer will greatly benefit you.



The most obvious con of hiring a personal trainer is that they’re very expensive. An hour of personal trainers time in London can range anywhere between £50-£150. To feel the benefits of having a personal trainer most people need at least 8 weeks, usually with 2-3 sessions per week. This makes hiring a personal trainer a very expensive investment. As it’s so expensive you need to make sure that it’s worth it, not all personal trainers have professional qualifications they will instead have trained at the gym they work at, if you don’t know the difference then you could be over-paying.

Many personal trainers also will recommend diet plans without being qualified in nutrition; this means that you’re paying them but you could make an equally good diet plan yourself for free. Watch out for both of these things and before committing to a personal trainer ask to see their training and nutrition certificates. The other big con is that more and more online coaches are emerging, they are considerably cheaper and still create an exercise and diet plans for you and virtually keep you accountable meaning a similar service exists for much cheaper.