The Players that are Dominating the 2021 Euros

With very little going on this year in terms of entertainment, we have all found ourselves engrossed in the Euros. Even if you are not a football fan, it is impossible to not be swept up in the excitement that the events have to offer. This year has also seen a lot of stand-out players impressing on the field, but out of the hundreds of players, which ones are dominating the 2021 Euros?

Italy -Manuel Locatelli

This Italian player is slowly working his way up in the football ranks. The success of Italy has gone unnoticed this year as they have not bragged about their achievements prior to the start of the Euros. In warm-up matches, Italy saw several unbeaten games thanks to Locatelli.

Manuel Locatelli is a midfield player that has never really gained the fame of his fellow players, but that does not mean that he isn’t someone that you should look out for. We predict good things for Locatelli in this year’s Euros, based on what we have seen already.

Locatelli also has an impressive achievement under his belt for this year alone, with 2,749 passes to his name. He has set up a lot of the goals that his team has achieved and even scored a few himself, so watch out for him.

England- Jadon Sancho

The beginning of this year was a little tricky for Jadon as he was unfortunately injured at the start of the year. However, thanks to his young age and determination he was able to recover quite quickly and will be taking part in the Euros.

Last season, England did not make the most of Jadon as he was only on the pitch for just over half of the games, which meant we couldn’t utilize him to his full potential. In what little time he was on the pitch, he managed to set up over ten goals for his fellow teammates. As he is being used more, he is gaining more and more fans and many of them are turning to to create personal merch to support their favorite player as well as the country they love.

Germany- Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller has taken some time off since Germany’s premature defeat in the 2018 world cup. Since he has been brought back to the club, he has been acting as though he never left.

So far, Muller has supported 14 final passes that ultimately ended in a goal. He is an active player that is extremely involved in the game, so we see him going very far this year.