Superbowl 2022: Securing the Funds to Attend

Nothing brings Americans together quite like the Superbowl! The greatest sports event of the year. The 2022 Superbowl is being played in the stunning SoFi stadium in sunny Los Angeles meaning it is set to be a fantastic tournament.

But attending the Superbowl isn’t cheap. Especially when it is in Los Angeles, one of the pricey areas of the USA. Tickets alone cost a few thousand dollars for the basic package. With some of the more luxury deals running up bills nearing 20 thousand dollars! This isn’t including additional costs such as transport, accommodation, and spending money.

But fear not. Today we are going to take a look at a few different methods for securing the funds you need to attend.

Traditional Fund Raising Ideas

There are plenty of effective methods for fundraising that most people seem to forget about. Simple ideas that, when executed properly, can bring in a lot of funds. A good example is a bake sale. This might seem like a childish idea, but people never get bored of delicious baked treats. So if you have the skillset and time you should consider setting one up. Good locations are parking lots outside sporting events, schools, or even in your local community.

Another good idea is hosting a sponsored event. Maybe a costumed fun run or marathon. Sponsored silences or swimming challenges. People are more willing to donate to your cause if you are willing to compete for it.

Making Use of a Credit Card

If you know you will be able to pay for a ticket, but don’t have all the money readily available now, you might consider getting a credit card and buying the ticket on that instead. Just be warned you will need to make certain you are going to be able to pay this off eventually. Otherwise, you will just rack up a load of debt with potential interest.

Lately capital one has sent out a new wave of credit card applications, and they offer solid interest rates and high spending caps. It can be quite confusing working out how credit card applications work so we recommend checking out some informative blogs like or It’s always good to check these blogs to find out which credit cards are best for you.

We recommend you speak to a financial expert first to assess your current situation before you get a credit card. Just to make certain you are in a strong enough position financially to afford it.

Selling Off Your Old Stuff

Most people don’t realize the treasures they have laying about their home. Shows like Antique Roadshow prove that you can make a small fortune off of the most unsuspecting objects. And it isn’t just traditional antiques that are worth money either.

If you’re a sports fan, which we can assume you are, you may have a few sporting relics laying about that could be worth a fair bit of money. Signed balls or old baseball cards are two great examples of this. You might want to check for old technology as well. Classic computers or older generation gaming consoles can fetch a fair bit of cash on online marketplaces these days.

A great way to shift your stuff is with a classic yard sale or going to a swap meet. You’d be surprised what people are willing to buy second-hand. And if you have any actual antiques make sure to take them to an appraiser to see if they are worth anything.