Sporting Gear: How to Get Pro Players Wearing your Brand

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, all these social networks are now at the center of the digital communication strategies of international brands. Football Stars have always been at the heart of brand marketing strategies such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma. If you feel your brand would benefit from a football player wearing your brand, then you need to ensure that the fans of that specific player are the target audience you are trying to reach out to. The principle is fairly simple: depending on your values, your products, and your offer, select the football player that corresponds to your market. 


Choose the right player/influencer  

While many still believe that choosing the right influencer is about the number of followers they have, research proves that influencers with smaller followings have higher engagement rates. If you choose a celebrity to represent your brand, you may find that that person takes the attention away from the product or service you are promoting in the first place. You also want to make sure that your brand suits the player’s existing style so that viewers feel the player has a genuine like of the product, rather than they are being paid to promote it. 


Incorporate the player’s influence/ideas 

It may be beneficial to get the players input when designing the product so that it becomes working progress- not only may this make the player themselves more interested in taking part and wearing the finished result but fans may be aware that the player is working on something and are therefore intrigued and excited about what it is. If fans are also aware that the ideas have come from the player, they are more likely to also want to buy the product due to it being their idol’s creation.  


Offer an incentive  

Come on, we all love a freebie and are more motivated to do something if we know we are receiving something at the end of it- the same applies to influencers! If you offer them an incentive, you will see their interest heighten and they will be more cooperative. When asking players to wear your brand, you can offer them a new product each month (almost like a subscription) or even discounted products forever!  


Make their product unique  

In an attempt to get a pro-player to wear your brand, you could offer a piece of clothing that is slightly different from the rest, meaning that it is unique to that player only. This could be something as simple as a wristband, you can create yours here at