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Boardgames Vs Traditional Sport: Which is Better for the Mind

Traditional sports are important to our culture. Every four years we celebrate the best athletes in the world at the Olympics. Then you have Boardgames which have over the years slowly become more and more part of the cultural zeitgeist from traditional games like chess, to more modern games like Warhammer. Boardgames have sparked competition in those who seek something less physically straining, but what is better for the mind, board games, or traditional sports?



For the most part, board games are designed to be intellectually stimulating. They are often meant to challenge users on their critical thinking and grand strategy. Take Risk as an example. You have to outthink your opponents, manage resources and armies and in some situations even make alliances and declare wars. These skills are ones that can be applied to everyday life. Making friends, planning out tasks, managing time, food, and money, its all good for building up the mind. Boardgames are almost always communal activities as well-meaning that you’ll be interacting with friends and family whilst you play which is very good for general mental wellbeing. Humans are sociable creatures and are almost always happier when doing things with others. The thing about a lot of board games is there aren’t any easy game answers you can pluck out of nowhere. Playing a game with other people means you have to learn how individuals play, what their plans are. This is really just another form of problem-solving which is integral to many different aspects of life from when you’re at home or when you’re in the workplace.


Traditional Sports

Sport is such a wide net to cast in general. Rugby is a sport and that’s a large team game that requires communication and planning but the 100m sprint is also a sport and that involves running fast in a straight line. So you could argue that saying all sport is better for the mind might be a bit of a generalization but that’s not exactly true. Exercise might be the key to a quieter mind. A study of roughly 1 million people in America found that people who regularly exercise have fewer bad mental health days than those who don’t exercise regularly. So although in the grand scheme of things Sports might not be as intellectually challenging as the average board game, just being involved in sports will likely improve your mental wellbeing. That’s not to say that’s the only reason sports is good for the mind, lots of sports are team sports and involve coordination and choosing the right formation or play at the right time in the match to outwit your opponents. This is all on top of the physical benefits of taking part in sports that will put you in a healthier place not only physically but mentally as well.


The Winner?

Overall, both have their benefits, and whilst boardgames do all in all help to display a wider range of skills, the physical benefits alongside the mental benefits of getting involved in sports would likely make that the better choice out of the two activities. As with most things, it’s on a case-by-case basis. If it’s snowing outside ay the only thing you could really do is go run a cold and icy run, then a game of monopoly might be more mentally stimulating but if it’s a nice day outside and you’re friends are all free, a game of five a side might get you in a better place mentally than a game of chess.

The 5 Most Popular Sports On the Planet


Soccer is an obvious choice for this list with it being one of the most played sports in a  professional capacity worldwide, this sport has a very long history which has contributed to the game we know and love today. Soccer is a much-loved game that has been played in modern society for many years, whether you enjoy going to your local match, you play professionally or you just enjoy a kick about with your friends, it is likely that you have experienced soccer in some way at some point in your life. The rules are simple, there are two teams playing against each other, usually in a ninety-minute match. The aim of the game is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal, you should try your best to stop your opponent and the team with the most goals at the end of the match is the winner.


In a professional capacity, most countries have their own soccer league with individual teams for different regions and cities, for example, the invincibles arsenal squad in the UK and Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain.



Tennis is an often overlooked sport but it is in fact very popular worldwide, in both a leisurely and professional capacity, people love to watch and play tennis all over the world. As a leisure activity tennis is a very good form of exercise that would be perfect for those looking to increase their cardio strength. As tennis is limited to a single pitch there is not much long-distance running involved which is something that can put those who are not used to exercise off of playing. Tennis is a very big professional sport which is played all over the world, the famous Tennis tournament – Wimbledon has birthed some of the biggest names in the sport and gets a large number of viewers every time it is hosted.



Cricket is another sport that doesn’t seem to get the coverage it deserves, it is a sport that is taken very seriously in the professional world with high profile events like the Ashes being one of the most-watched sporting events ever created. The ashes are a big cricket tournament played by England and Australia, it is a very high stakes event with the winner receiving high praise from fans.


Cricket is also a great sport to be played as a form of exercise, with so much going on in one game, multiple parts of the body are worked out at once, the game is great family fun that can be enjoyed in any location.


Long Distance Running

Within the Olympic games running and racing is taken very seriously, the athletes involved have trained their whole lives for this one event and training is likely to have taken over their lives in a  way that has changed how they eat and drink and placed limits on socializing. For a professional runner, you can tell how important a race is to them from the strain they are willing to put on their bodies, however when the time comes and you cross that finish line in the first place everything will be worth it and great celebrations are to be had.


Running is another sport that provides a solid workout for people in their everyday lives, the great thing about running as a way to work out is that it can be done anywhere and on any time scale if you find that you have a spare half an hour why not get out into the fresh air and have a run.



The final sport on this list would have to be golf, this sport is often enjoyed by an older audience both watching it professionally and playing it themselves. Although this sport may not seem like much of a workout the level of concentration and precision is truly breathtaking, you have to get the right amount of power into your swing, choose the right golf club for your position and you must have an eye for aiming. It may not be the most grueling form of exercise but the intelligence and precision required are unlike any other sport in the world.

Will All Football Games be Played With Empty Stadiums Going Forward?

Football is one of the world’s most popular games with approximately half the entire population having an interest in it and a fifth of people playing, either professionally or for fun. Football is a fantastic sport to play but most people are more interested in watching their favorite team play than actually competing themselves. Manchester United is the football team with the most fans in the world, they have millions of supporters and they have sold the most football shirts out of any other club. The reason so many people who don’t play football enjoy watching it so much is thanks to the incredible atmosphere in the stadiums. Watching your team play football is one of the best experiences as the crowds are extremely enthusiastic, it feels wholesome knowing everyone there shares one common love, and joining in your team’s chant is a feeling like no other. The news that football has to be played with empty stadiums going forward was devastating for thousands, if not millions of people worldwide, we’ve tried to find out if all football games will be played in this environment going forward.


Coronavirus Pandemic

The response many countries had to the outbreak of the coronavirus was to impose lockdowns restricting people’s movement and focusing on ensuring people are staying 2 meters away from each other to try and prevent further spread of the virus. These new rules had a massive impact on the sports industry and football teams. Fans are no longer allowed to go and watch their favorite team play, this does also affect the performance of the teams as it’s harder to find motivation in an empty stadium when the players are used to their fans cheering them on. Many loyal fans buy season tickets to make sure they never miss a game, especially as football games that are streamed are only available on certain services. If you’re unable to watch your favorite team play but want to make sure you stay in the loop you can check live scores on this website, there are also usually live updates on social media such as Twitter. Whilst the coronavirus is still a threat it is unlikely that fans will be allowed back to football games anytime soon. Stadiums are very large and hold so many people that re-opening them would be against most government advice and in many places, it is actually illegal for fans to sit and watch.



When the coronavirus pandemic is under control or a vaccine is found to eradicate it, social events will be able to return to normal. Football games are a huge part of the lives of many people, both fans and players prefer full stadiums so eventually you will be able to watch your favorite team play. The NFL makes over $50 million every year, something so successful with such a huge demand will definitely return when it is safe to do so.

Are Watersports Making a Comeback in 2021?

Watersports are often overlooked in comparison to the more popular mainstream sports that are played up and down the country, but especially in summer, we see a huge incline in the number of water sports that are played both in a professional and leisurely situation as more and more people look for ways to have fun whilst beating the heat. Many would argue that the popularity of watersports hasn’t changed with the range of activities remaining as popular as they’ve ever been, however, with a lack of coverage compared to the other sports we see on TV and social media that may not be the case. With the overbearing favoritism of sports like soccer and baseball, smaller watersports can often be forgotten about in a professional capacity, for this to change we would have to see a growth in popularity in these sports as a leisure activity which has definitely occurred recently for some of the sports detailed below.



Swimming is a water sport that has arguably remained at a constant in terms of popularity, whether you take part in this activity as a part of a professional team or just for personal exercise, swimming has been proven to have outstanding benefits towards fitness as it works out multiple areas of the body through one form of exercise. It is common to see a rise in pool attendance during the months when the weather is hot, people turn to swim as a way of cooling off as well as working out. Swimming is also very popular as a competitive sport with team memberships also rising in popularity, being on a swim team is a big achievement that with a commitment to training can lead to a very successful career.


Water Polo

Water polo is another watersport that has seen a significant increase in popularity, two teams are each in charge of protecting a goal from the opposite team, in order to score players must get past the opposing team’s defense and throw the ball into a goal to score points. This competitive game is again played in a professional and leisure capacity with water polo teams being a common occurrence at many leisure centers around the country. With a similar concept to football, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise this activity is coming back to the world of mainstream sports.



Considered to be more of leisurely activity, scuba diving has always been very popular within beach locations, offering fun for all ages as well as the opportunity to see the unique underwater world diving has remained at a constant in terms of popularity. This water sport attracts both sports fans and nature enthusiasts as it not only provides the opportunity for exercise but there is also the chance of seeing some amazing aquatic wildlife. If you get the chance to go diving then I would definitely recommend taking an underwater camera to record any of the natural sights you are lucky enough to see.



A final water sport that has definitely come back in terms of popularity would have to be surfing, the adrenaline rush and ironically relaxing feeling that comes with spending time surfing the waves is unlike anything else you could experience. It’s a mystery why surfing saw a drop in how many people took part in the first place, as it is such a unique watersport in comparison to mainstream sports. The increase in surfers hitting the waves has led to an increase in business and tourism as more and more people are taking the opportunity to get out on the waves and invest in their own boards.

Why Our Kitchens are of the Highest Standard

The kitchen is to the chef what blood is to heart. Without one the other does not exist. Therefore it is important to maintain a kitchen of the highest standard with the latest and the best equipment.

A kitchen is a place where the chef can be creative and come up with exotic dishes. An empty kitchen or a kitchen that lacks the right equipment is of no use to a chef. Ideas come up when you have the appropriate atmosphere around you.

Every chef needs a different setting in his kitchen but they all need the correct working conditions. Only when your kitchen starts growing you will know that your business is doing well. Let us check out some of the important equipment needed for a chef’s kitchen, or you can also visit https://foodplusice.com/ where they have reviewed the best models for all the below equipment in great detail.:

  • Ice Makers: Summers call for a lot of indoor and outdoor activities among people. Owning an ice maker for your kitchen at home or for a huge business setup is a safe bet. You always need ice in huge quantity irrespective of the time. People like their coffee, milkshakes and beer cold. A sonic ice maker or an undercounter ice maker, the options are many to pick from.
  • Refrigerators: These are an indispensable need today. Storing vegetables, dairy products, fruits, cooked food, and any perishable item is very crucial. There are innumerable brands available these days and to pick the one that meets your requirements is a tough call to make. Huge refrigerators are no longer a luxury to the rich, they are a necessity for a common man’s kitchen.
  • Freezers: One might argue the need for a freezer when they own a refrigerator. But let us tell you that a freezer can store your basic necessities in a huge number when compared to a refrigerator. A commercial kitchen cannot go out of stock on any given day, it needs to have the ability to store its ration for a week in advance. Therefore do not compromise on this equipment, Modern freezers are energy efficient and are a great investment.
  • Coffee Makers: We don’t have to tell you why you need a coffee maker in the house. There are a variety of options available in the market. Single cup coffee makers, Thermal coffee makers, Press pot or coffee press, Vacuum Coffee makers, and Drip coffee makers are the ones you can pick from depending on your requirements.
  • Kegerators: A refrigerator designed exclusively to store beer kegs at home or restaurants. Storing beer in kegerators ensures that they are fresh and remain carbonated for a long time. When stored in kegerators the beer can last for a good month or even two. What is beer if it does not have its flavor intact? If your restaurant is looking to serve beer, then this piece of invention is a must to keep your customers happy.
  • Blenders: Do not assume that the most popular blender is the best blender in the market. For making a smoothie, soup, or dressing, a blender is a non-negotiable part of the kitchen. Look around for the one that meets your requirements in your budget.

Driving Range at Atwood Lake Golf Club

Completely renovated and reopened in the Summer of 2013, Atwood Lake Golf Club’s practice facility is the ideal place for golfers of all skill levels to hone their technique. Begin your practice at our natural-grass driving range which includes target greens and a chipping, pitching and bunker area, before moving to the putting green.


Our on-site golf pro is available to provide assistance whether you’re a newbie who simply wants to learn the proper technique, or an experienced golfer who needs help correcting an issue with your swing or short game.

Golf Packages

Whether you’re up to playing one round or a round every day, Atwood Lake Golf Club has a package for you. Enjoy a relaxing stay at our resort and tee up at your choice of local courses.

All packages include greens fees, a welcome gift, a hearty breakfast, shared carts, all taxes, and preferred tee times. Bonus: Package also includes 9-holes at our brand new Chalet Par-3 Course!

• Classic Package:

Includes accommodations for one night and two rounds of golf at your choice of courses.

• Pro Package:

Includes accommodations for two nights and two rounds of golf at your choice of courses.

• Master Package:

Includes accommodations for two nights and three rounds of golf at your choice of courses.

Contact us or stop in our golf shop to inquire about private lessons.