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The 6 Hottest Sports Brands Athletes are Wearing

Sportswear used to be something that wasn’t particularly considered to be attractive, it was designed to suit its purpose of being comfortable enough to exercise in, but was not an attire you would like to be seen at the bar in… however, much has changed! Athletes are now not only wearing the brands that are the most comfortable and fitting for their type of sport, but also the sportswear that makes them look HOT! The brands that constantly get voted as the best are those that manage to achieve both outcomes- looking and feeling good while training and competing. If you are looking for affordable sportswear, it may be worth browsing on top 1 promo codes to save even a couple of dollars.  


Nike is superior when it comes to sportswear! They are the largest supplier of athletic shoes and clothing on the planet. Air Jordan 1, the Tailwind, and the Air Max 1 have introduced the world to ‘Air’ sole technology and mixing sport with fashion. There are also famous athletes and sportsmen who love Nike such as Ronaldo, LeBron James, and Tiger WoodsNike never fails to be at the top of the listdue to their consistency and reliability- they have something that suits everyone; while Nike sportswear is fashionable and attractive, they continue to be successful due to their products also being high quality.  


Following in second place is Adidas, which is known for creating simplistic classics; the Stan Smith, the Samba, the Superstar, and the Gazelle have a reputation of being amongst the best sneaker brands on Earth. There has always been a rivalry between Adidas and Nike, which leaves Adidas constantly testing new products in order to make a better shoe for all athletes. It is Adidas’ goal to be the best athletic brand in the worldwith their motto being “We strive to help you perform your best”. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shoe to hit the tennis court, shoot some hoops, or slide into after several laps in the pool, Adidas has you covered 


Puma is one of those brands that has floated in and out of the fashion trends, more recently they have been considered less fashionable… However, what Puma does, Puma does well! Athletes that care less about fashion trends and how they look and more about excelling in their sport have reported wearing Puma their whole athletic career and never being let down by them- making them popular in the athletic field, but less with the more modern generation. Puma grew into the huge corporation it is today through the dedication and constant struggle against the competition, which they should be commended for as they have remained a strong name in sportswear, without major celebrity sponsors.  


Gymshark is fairly new to the scene but wow did their stuff blow up!! Their stuff is definitely designed to have you looking good while working out, however, the quality of their sportswear has also been commented on by a number of athletes, some of which now work with the brand and promote their products.  

Under Armour 

The reputation of Under Armour, including Under Armour shoes, is generally good. The brand is often applauded for its innovation and stylish designs, making it popular with athletes such as Stephen Curry, Michael Phelps, and Misty Copeland.  


A very controversial statement was made when an athlete came forward to say Asics shoes are more durable and supportive than Nike! He claimed his Asics seem to last way longer than his Nike sneakers and that they provide superior support when running. Other athletes have also found that Asics shoes work better for their fitness needs. 

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Every single person has at some point in their lives asked themselves if they should get a personal trainer. Whether you’ve never exercised before in your life the question pops into your head after eating unhealthy, or if you’re a beginner at the gym and feel lost, or even if you’re a regular gym-goer you’ve thought about if a personal trainer would help you achieve your goals faster. Before you consider a personal trainer and start looking for one to hire you should decide what it is that you want a personal trainer for.

You should know exactly what your goals are, how much time a week you have to dedicate towards exercise and gym sessions, you should know your budget so you don’t waste their time if you can’t afford their services. You should also consider why you need a trainer, what is it you can’t do for yourself and what you expect them to do to fill this gap to make sure they’re suitable for your needs. It’s worth spending time looking for a trainer that you click well with, I spent a long time looking for a personal trainer that met all my needs and I found this personal trainer in Moorgate after weeks of looking who was perfect, so it’s worth waiting. To help you make your decision about if you need a personal trainer or not we’re going to discuss some of the main pros and cons.



Personal trainers are a fantastic investment in many scenarios there is no denying that. Most people don’t have the time in their life to do research around exercise and healthy eating, they may just have the time to actually exercise. If this is the case they may have been exercising for a long time and not seeing any change, in looks or performance.

This is where a personal trainer is perfect as you already know the dedication to exercise is there and they’ll do all the hard work for you so you’ll start to see results in no time. A personal trainer will watch you exercise to make sure your form is correct and that you’re working as hard as you can, they also provide accountability so if you know you’ll take a day off because no one looking then a personal trainer will greatly benefit you.



The most obvious con of hiring a personal trainer is that they’re very expensive. An hour of personal trainers time in London can range anywhere between £50-£150. To feel the benefits of having a personal trainer most people need at least 8 weeks, usually with 2-3 sessions per week. This makes hiring a personal trainer a very expensive investment. As it’s so expensive you need to make sure that it’s worth it, not all personal trainers have professional qualifications they will instead have trained at the gym they work at, if you don’t know the difference then you could be over-paying.

Many personal trainers also will recommend diet plans without being qualified in nutrition; this means that you’re paying them but you could make an equally good diet plan yourself for free. Watch out for both of these things and before committing to a personal trainer ask to see their training and nutrition certificates. The other big con is that more and more online coaches are emerging, they are considerably cheaper and still create an exercise and diet plans for you and virtually keep you accountable meaning a similar service exists for much cheaper.

Is Drone Flying Set to Become an Actual Sport?

The world of sports is something that sees many new additions in terms of what is considered an actual sporting activity, but with the recent boost in popularity of drones and drone flying there is much speculation around whether flying drones is on its way to being considered a sport. In order to make a decision, I believe that it will be best to think about what you think a sport is and how a sport is defined and look at whether drone flying fits any of your personal criteria. Although sports are usually considered to be a heavy physical activity there are some exceptions such as race car driving and archery which are more reliant on skills rather than physical exertion. If this is the case a situation that is reliant upon expertise flying and maneuvering of the drone could in fact be considered a sport.


Drone Flying as a Leisure Activity


Drone sales have seen a huge rise recently with more and more innovative brands bringing out new models each equipped with the latest technology for style and speed. Many people fly drones simply for the thrill but another great use of the drone would have to be the unique footage recording perspective that it can provide. Many drones are equipped with fully functional high-quality camera recording equipment and it is this breakthrough in miniature camera technology that has made it all possible. If you think that using drones for sport is not something that you would enjoy then using drones to film aerial footage may be for you instead. If you are someone who enjoys getting unique footage and photography then you may be more interested in using drones as a relaxing and more leisurely activity, rather than the more high-risk uses like sporting and racing.


Making Sure Your Drone has the Best Tech

If you are looking for a new drone that you want to use to record high altitude footage then there are some things that you need to consider, if you want to get the very best and most unique footage then it is paramount that your drone is equipped with the best technology. If you are going to be using your drone over long distances then you should be using a transmitter with enough range to reduce the risk of losing your drone if you take it too far. Your controller also needs to be up to scratch so it may be worth looking at a list of the best quadcopter flight controller boards you can get so that you can find a controller that is high quality enough to deal with flying for long periods and keeping a strong connection between the drone and the controller.


Could We See a Drone Flying Sporting Event in the Future?

With the rapid rate at which the drone industry is developing new and innovative technology within their drones, it is hard to predict what the latest models will look like in the near future. However, as things are very quickly improving in terms of what is being made available to drone enthusiasts we could have professional drone racing and flying events pretty soon. As the industry changes so do the way in which we use the technology, drones are being made with technology giving extreme flight capabilities over longer and longer ranges, with this in mind it makes sense that the industry uses for these devices would lean towards this direction

Similar to the development in other robotics and small remote vehicles, we could now see the mass showing of events where drones and their users are placed in a competition where they are tested on their drone modification skill as well as how well they pilot their drone. Many would argue that this is not what the technology was intended for and although I would have to agree that there are more fulfilling uses for this technology it is not a bad thing that we could see something like this in the future. The development of drone flying as a sport is just another aspect of the industry, it is something that not only provides more jobs but also entertainment which I see as a good thing.

Boardgames Vs Traditional Sport: Which is Better for the Mind

Traditional sports are important to our culture. Every four years we celebrate the best athletes in the world at the Olympics. Then you have Boardgames which have over the years slowly become more and more part of the cultural zeitgeist from traditional games like chess, to more modern games like Warhammer. Boardgames have sparked competition in those who seek something less physically straining, but what is better for the mind, board games, or traditional sports?



For the most part, board games are designed to be intellectually stimulating. They are often meant to challenge users on their critical thinking and grand strategy. Take Risk as an example. You have to outthink your opponents, manage resources and armies and in some situations even make alliances and declare wars. These skills are ones that can be applied to everyday life. Making friends, planning out tasks, managing time, food, and money, its all good for building up the mind. Boardgames are almost always communal activities as well-meaning that you’ll be interacting with friends and family whilst you play which is very good for general mental wellbeing. Humans are sociable creatures and are almost always happier when doing things with others. The thing about a lot of board games is there aren’t any easy game answers you can pluck out of nowhere. Playing a game with other people means you have to learn how individuals play, what their plans are. This is really just another form of problem-solving which is integral to many different aspects of life from when you’re at home or when you’re in the workplace.


Traditional Sports

Sport is such a wide net to cast in general. Rugby is a sport and that’s a large team game that requires communication and planning but the 100m sprint is also a sport and that involves running fast in a straight line. So you could argue that saying all sport is better for the mind might be a bit of a generalization but that’s not exactly true. Exercise might be the key to a quieter mind. A study of roughly 1 million people in America found that people who regularly exercise have fewer bad mental health days than those who don’t exercise regularly. So although in the grand scheme of things Sports might not be as intellectually challenging as the average board game, just being involved in sports will likely improve your mental wellbeing. That’s not to say that’s the only reason sports is good for the mind, lots of sports are team sports and involve coordination and choosing the right formation or play at the right time in the match to outwit your opponents. This is all on top of the physical benefits of taking part in sports that will put you in a healthier place not only physically but mentally as well.


The Winner?

Overall, both have their benefits, and whilst boardgames do all in all help to display a wider range of skills, the physical benefits alongside the mental benefits of getting involved in sports would likely make that the better choice out of the two activities. As with most things, it’s on a case-by-case basis. If it’s snowing outside ay the only thing you could really do is go run a cold and icy run, then a game of monopoly might be more mentally stimulating but if it’s a nice day outside and you’re friends are all free, a game of five a side might get you in a better place mentally than a game of chess.

Will All Football Games be Played With Empty Stadiums Going Forward?

Football is one of the world’s most popular games with approximately half the entire population having an interest in it and a fifth of people playing, either professionally or for fun. Football is a fantastic sport to play but most people are more interested in watching their favorite team play than actually competing themselves. Manchester United is the football team with the most fans in the world, they have millions of supporters and they have sold the most football shirts out of any other club. The reason so many people who don’t play football enjoy watching it so much is thanks to the incredible atmosphere in the stadiums. Watching your team play football is one of the best experiences as the crowds are extremely enthusiastic, it feels wholesome knowing everyone there shares one common love, and joining in your team’s chant is a feeling like no other. The news that football has to be played with empty stadiums going forward was devastating for thousands, if not millions of people worldwide, we’ve tried to find out if all football games will be played in this environment going forward.


Coronavirus Pandemic

The response many countries had to the outbreak of the coronavirus was to impose lockdowns restricting people’s movement and focusing on ensuring people are staying 2 meters away from each other to try and prevent further spread of the virus. These new rules had a massive impact on the sports industry and football teams. Fans are no longer allowed to go and watch their favorite team play, this does also affect the performance of the teams as it’s harder to find motivation in an empty stadium when the players are used to their fans cheering them on. Many loyal fans buy season tickets to make sure they never miss a game, especially as football games that are streamed are only available on certain services. If you’re unable to watch your favorite team play but want to make sure you stay in the loop you can check live scores on this website, there are also usually live updates on social media such as Twitter. Whilst the coronavirus is still a threat it is unlikely that fans will be allowed back to football games anytime soon. Stadiums are very large and hold so many people that re-opening them would be against most government advice and in many places, it is actually illegal for fans to sit and watch.



When the coronavirus pandemic is under control or a vaccine is found to eradicate it, social events will be able to return to normal. Football games are a huge part of the lives of many people, both fans and players prefer full stadiums so eventually you will be able to watch your favorite team play. The NFL makes over $50 million every year, something so successful with such a huge demand will definitely return when it is safe to do so.

Why Our Kitchens are of the Highest Standard

The kitchen is to the chef what blood is to heart. Without one the other does not exist. Therefore it is important to maintain a kitchen of the highest standard with the latest and the best equipment.

A kitchen is a place where the chef can be creative and come up with exotic dishes. An empty kitchen or a kitchen that lacks the right equipment is of no use to a chef. Ideas come up when you have the appropriate atmosphere around you.

Every chef needs a different setting in his kitchen but they all need the correct working conditions. Only when your kitchen starts growing you will know that your business is doing well. Let us check out some of the important equipment needed for a chef’s kitchen, or you can also visit https://foodplusice.com/ where they have reviewed the best models for all the below equipment in great detail.:

  • Ice Makers: Summers call for a lot of indoor and outdoor activities among people. Owning an ice maker for your kitchen at home or for a huge business setup is a safe bet. You always need ice in huge quantity irrespective of the time. People like their coffee, milkshakes and beer cold. A sonic ice maker or an undercounter ice maker, the options are many to pick from.
  • Refrigerators: These are an indispensable need today. Storing vegetables, dairy products, fruits, cooked food, and any perishable item is very crucial. There are innumerable brands available these days and to pick the one that meets your requirements is a tough call to make. Huge refrigerators are no longer a luxury to the rich, they are a necessity for a common man’s kitchen.
  • Freezers: One might argue the need for a freezer when they own a refrigerator. But let us tell you that a freezer can store your basic necessities in a huge number when compared to a refrigerator. A commercial kitchen cannot go out of stock on any given day, it needs to have the ability to store its ration for a week in advance. Therefore do not compromise on this equipment, Modern freezers are energy efficient and are a great investment.
  • Coffee Makers: We don’t have to tell you why you need a coffee maker in the house. There are a variety of options available in the market. Single cup coffee makers, Thermal coffee makers, Press pot or coffee press, Vacuum Coffee makers, and Drip coffee makers are the ones you can pick from depending on your requirements.
  • Kegerators: A refrigerator designed exclusively to store beer kegs at home or restaurants. Storing beer in kegerators ensures that they are fresh and remain carbonated for a long time. When stored in kegerators the beer can last for a good month or even two. What is beer if it does not have its flavor intact? If your restaurant is looking to serve beer, then this piece of invention is a must to keep your customers happy.
  • Blenders: Do not assume that the most popular blender is the best blender in the market. For making a smoothie, soup, or dressing, a blender is a non-negotiable part of the kitchen. Look around for the one that meets your requirements in your budget.

Driving Range at Atwood Lake Golf Club

Completely renovated and reopened in the Summer of 2013, Atwood Lake Golf Club’s practice facility is the ideal place for golfers of all skill levels to hone their technique. Begin your practice at our natural-grass driving range which includes target greens and a chipping, pitching and bunker area, before moving to the putting green.


Our on-site golf pro is available to provide assistance whether you’re a newbie who simply wants to learn the proper technique, or an experienced golfer who needs help correcting an issue with your swing or short game.

Golf Packages

Whether you’re up to playing one round or a round every day, Atwood Lake Golf Club has a package for you. Enjoy a relaxing stay at our resort and tee up at your choice of local courses.

All packages include greens fees, a welcome gift, a hearty breakfast, shared carts, all taxes, and preferred tee times. Bonus: Package also includes 9-holes at our brand new Chalet Par-3 Course!

• Classic Package:

Includes accommodations for one night and two rounds of golf at your choice of courses.

• Pro Package:

Includes accommodations for two nights and two rounds of golf at your choice of courses.

• Master Package:

Includes accommodations for two nights and three rounds of golf at your choice of courses.

Contact us or stop in our golf shop to inquire about private lessons.