The Hottest New Bikes of 2021

Investing in a new bike can be a very hard decision, with so many different makes and models available you should take the time to find the bike that is best suited to the journeys you plan on making. If you are struggling with finding your new bike then, bike reviews at bikize are a great place to start with informative specifications on a wide range of new bikes.


Calibre Bossnut Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed for long-distance travel over different terrains, the Calibre Bossnut is no exception offering comfort and high resistance over tougher terrain. This model is a great example of a high-quality mountain bike that has been designed with precision and care for the rider, which also ensures a smooth ride.


Specialized Sirrus 1.0 Hybrid Bike


The Specialised Sirrus Hybrid is another example of a high-quality bike, with a lightweight aluminum frame that is perfect for those commuting to work, this bike allows the rider to fit in the exercise alongside a busy work lifestyle. This model is very compact so it can be stored in your car for convenience and that spontaneous bike rides you wouldn’t be able to do with a heavier normal model.


Samebike LO26 Electric Bike

One of the most significant developments in this industry would have to be the creation of electric bikes, if you are someone who is relying on their bike for quick and comfortable travel then the Samebike LO26 may be the one for you. An electric bike has everything a normal bike does and can be used as a classic pushbike, but in instances where the ride becomes too strenuous or if you need to get somewhere particularly quickly the electric motor can be used to take the strain off the rider and increase speeds.