The 6 Hottest Sports Brands Athletes are Wearing

Sportswear used to be something that wasn’t particularly considered to be attractive, it was designed to suit its purpose of being comfortable enough to exercise in, but was not an attire you would like to be seen at the bar in… however, much has changed! Athletes are now not only wearing the brands that are the most comfortable and fitting for their type of sport, but also the sportswear that makes them look HOT! The brands that constantly get voted as the best are those that manage to achieve both outcomes- looking and feeling good while training and competing. If you are looking for affordable sportswear, it may be worth browsing on top 1 promo codes to save even a couple of dollars.  


Nike is superior when it comes to sportswear! They are the largest supplier of athletic shoes and clothing on the planet. Air Jordan 1, the Tailwind, and the Air Max 1 have introduced the world to ‘Air’ sole technology and mixing sport with fashion. There are also famous athletes and sportsmen who love Nike such as Ronaldo, LeBron James, and Tiger WoodsNike never fails to be at the top of the listdue to their consistency and reliability- they have something that suits everyone; while Nike sportswear is fashionable and attractive, they continue to be successful due to their products also being high quality.  


Following in second place is Adidas, which is known for creating simplistic classics; the Stan Smith, the Samba, the Superstar, and the Gazelle have a reputation of being amongst the best sneaker brands on Earth. There has always been a rivalry between Adidas and Nike, which leaves Adidas constantly testing new products in order to make a better shoe for all athletes. It is Adidas’ goal to be the best athletic brand in the worldwith their motto being “We strive to help you perform your best”. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shoe to hit the tennis court, shoot some hoops, or slide into after several laps in the pool, Adidas has you covered 


Puma is one of those brands that has floated in and out of the fashion trends, more recently they have been considered less fashionable… However, what Puma does, Puma does well! Athletes that care less about fashion trends and how they look and more about excelling in their sport have reported wearing Puma their whole athletic career and never being let down by them- making them popular in the athletic field, but less with the more modern generation. Puma grew into the huge corporation it is today through the dedication and constant struggle against the competition, which they should be commended for as they have remained a strong name in sportswear, without major celebrity sponsors.  


Gymshark is fairly new to the scene but wow did their stuff blow up!! Their stuff is definitely designed to have you looking good while working out, however, the quality of their sportswear has also been commented on by a number of athletes, some of which now work with the brand and promote their products.  

Under Armour 

The reputation of Under Armour, including Under Armour shoes, is generally good. The brand is often applauded for its innovation and stylish designs, making it popular with athletes such as Stephen Curry, Michael Phelps, and Misty Copeland.  


A very controversial statement was made when an athlete came forward to say Asics shoes are more durable and supportive than Nike! He claimed his Asics seem to last way longer than his Nike sneakers and that they provide superior support when running. Other athletes have also found that Asics shoes work better for their fitness needs.