The 5 Most Popular Sports On the Planet


Soccer is an obvious choice for this list with it being one of the most played sports in a  professional capacity worldwide, this sport has a very long history which has contributed to the game we know and love today. Soccer is a much-loved game that has been played in modern society for many years, whether you enjoy going to your local match, you play professionally or you just enjoy a kick about with your friends, it is likely that you have experienced soccer in some way at some point in your life. The rules are simple, there are two teams playing against each other, usually in a ninety-minute match. The aim of the game is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal, you should try your best to stop your opponent and the team with the most goals at the end of the match is the winner.


In a professional capacity, most countries have their own soccer league with individual teams for different regions and cities, for example, the invincibles arsenal squad in the UK and Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain.



Tennis is an often overlooked sport but it is in fact very popular worldwide, in both a leisurely and professional capacity, people love to watch and play tennis all over the world. As a leisure activity tennis is a very good form of exercise that would be perfect for those looking to increase their cardio strength. As tennis is limited to a single pitch there is not much long-distance running involved which is something that can put those who are not used to exercise off of playing. Tennis is a very big professional sport which is played all over the world, the famous Tennis tournament – Wimbledon has birthed some of the biggest names in the sport and gets a large number of viewers every time it is hosted.



Cricket is another sport that doesn’t seem to get the coverage it deserves, it is a sport that is taken very seriously in the professional world with high profile events like the Ashes being one of the most-watched sporting events ever created. The ashes are a big cricket tournament played by England and Australia, it is a very high stakes event with the winner receiving high praise from fans.


Cricket is also a great sport to be played as a form of exercise, with so much going on in one game, multiple parts of the body are worked out at once, the game is great family fun that can be enjoyed in any location.


Long Distance Running

Within the Olympic games running and racing is taken very seriously, the athletes involved have trained their whole lives for this one event and training is likely to have taken over their lives in a  way that has changed how they eat and drink and placed limits on socializing. For a professional runner, you can tell how important a race is to them from the strain they are willing to put on their bodies, however when the time comes and you cross that finish line in the first place everything will be worth it and great celebrations are to be had.


Running is another sport that provides a solid workout for people in their everyday lives, the great thing about running as a way to work out is that it can be done anywhere and on any time scale if you find that you have a spare half an hour why not get out into the fresh air and have a run.



The final sport on this list would have to be golf, this sport is often enjoyed by an older audience both watching it professionally and playing it themselves. Although this sport may not seem like much of a workout the level of concentration and precision is truly breathtaking, you have to get the right amount of power into your swing, choose the right golf club for your position and you must have an eye for aiming. It may not be the most grueling form of exercise but the intelligence and precision required are unlike any other sport in the world.